Adaptability of StiFlex system to integrate between 2 wall types as well as to facilitate various plaster thickness over walls was one of the benefits, yet able to comply to the designed fire-rating. Being a factory, the typical requirements for stiffeners and lintels were to be able to support the wall above the long stretch of window openings and roller-shutter doors. Areas where walls were designed not to span from floor to ceiling, but at lower heights, StiFlex free-standing system was able to provide a solution.

Structural Designers
Contractor Integrated Building Construction
Wall parameters with StiFlex modular solution Values
Wall types Block wall and precast panel wall
Height Various: 3.1m to 6.8m
Fire rating Various: up to 2hours


  • Reduced workforce
  • Rapid installation
  • Adjustable lengths and positions
  • Masonry adaptability
  • Plaster friendly
  • Designed to meet relevant safety standard 

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