The project involved retrofitting and refurbishment of an old building that is under conservation.  The lightweight and modular StiFlex system was ideal solution to the site constraints involving installation within tight spaces.  With StiFlex, special considerations to integrate new walls to existing old walls could be resolved.

Replaces conventional cast-in-situ reinforced concrete stiffeners thus overcoming tight work space constraints within building to be retro-fitted, moving and installing with ease of integration into existing walls using lightweight ready for installation StiFlex stiffeners. As result was saving time and costs with minimized intrusion controlling damage.

Note: Use of StiFlex being a direct replacement to conventional reinforced concrete stiffeners and lintels, maintains its tested/certified compliances with the necessary statutory requirements including fire resistance, thermal, moisture and sound insulation.

Architect W Architects
Structural Consultant TY Lin International
Builder Lum Chang Interior
Wall parameters with StiFlex modular solution Values
Wall types Brick wall, block wall and precast panel wall
Height Various: 4m to 6m
Fire rating Various: up to 4 hours


  • Lightened system
  • Rapid installation
  • Adjustable lengths & positions
  • Masonry adaptability
  • Plaster friendly

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