Part of aligning with Singapore's Smart Nation initiative announced by the government since 2014 is to develop the country’s information and communication technology. It was reported that the good submarine cable network, low natural disaster risk and stable political climate makes Singapore an attractive hub for data centres. Up to 2019, there were at least 26 companies with their data centres newly constructed or retrofitted from existing building. 14 of these buildings have used StiFlex. Typically, walls were tall and to further maximize space, wall thickness was maintained at 100mm before plaster. The efficient StiFlex design where profiles are stiffened and strengthened at the correct direction of forces was an ideal solution, at the same time, fulfilling the fire rating requirements according to the walls’ designed plaster thickness. Thermal conductivity was enhanced with StiFlex compared to conventional Reinforced Concrete stiffeners, promoting energy savings in conserving the cool temperature within the building.

Architect 3HP Architects
Structural Designers Chong & Lee Consulting Engineers LLP
Builders (main-contractor) Sato Kogyo (S)
Builders (sub-contractor) Hock Heng Seng Contractor
Wall parameters with StiFlex modular solution Values
Wall types Block wall and precast panel wall
Height Various: 4.5m to 10m
Fire rating Various: up to 4hours
Thermal insulation & conductivity Various: increased thermal insulation & conductivity requirements


  • Lightened system
  • Rapid installation
  • Superior to Conventional for Thermal & Moisture Insulation
  • Designed to meet relevant safety standard

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