An iconic building, a welcoming site to all flights landing into Singapore. It was a privileged for StiFlex stiffener system to be used for both masonry and drywall construction. Total length of StiFlex supplied for combined wall types was almost 40,000m.  Special feature of StiFlex system supplied included free-standing where StiFlex vertical members cannot be connected at the top soffit. The challenge faced during construction was constant exposure of stiffeners to external weathering particularly at the top level as the roof was specially constructed from steel structures which was installed at a later stage. Integration of StiFlex with masonry and drywall was a common feature.

Architect RSP Architects Planners & Engineers
Foreign Architect Moshe Safdie / Safdie Architects
Structural Consultant RSP Architects Planners & Engineers
Contractor Obayashi Corporation + Woh Hup
Wall parameters with StiFlex modular solution Values
Wall types Precast panel wall and drywall
Height Various: 3.5m to 6.5m
Fire rating Various: up to 4hours
Special feature Thermal conductivity enhanced with StiFlex compared to conventional concrete stiffeners, promoting energy savings in conserving cool temperature


  • Lightened system
  • Rapid installation
  • Masonry adaptability | Drywall flexibility
  • Superior to Conventional for Thermal & Moisture Insulation
  • Designed to meet relevant safety standard 

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