Being a government building with high security, durablity was one of the key aspects for building materials used. StiFlex full solutions with its plastering mesh promoting crack control was ideal application. Being an extension of part of an existing building, where minimal disruptions were expected, StiFlex modular system that is lightweight and easy to install were some attractive points. StiFlex was able to comply to the stringent checks to meet all design requirements.

Architect DP Architects
Structural Consultant Meinhardt (Singapore)
Contructor Chiu Teng Construction
Wall parameters with StiFlex modular solution Values
Wall types Precast panel wall
Height Various: 3.5m to 5.5m
Fire rating Various: up to 2hours


  • Lightened system
  • Rapid installation
  • Adjustable lengths & positions
  • Plaster friendly
  • Designed to meet relevant safety standard

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