College comprised of 3 blocks in 3 separate locations though within the vicinity. StiFlex was required to design for curved walls, tall height for lecture halls and auditorium and conform to acoustic specification. Fire and sound test report of StiFlex system were substantiative to conformance. To overcome the stiffeners for curved wall, 3 alternatives were provided where all were ado d. Depends on the curved diameter, where StiFlex horizontal members could be bent to fit the curvature, it was specially fabricated and installed using this method. For smaller radius of curvature, only vertical StiFlex members were placed at closer span, eliminating horizontal members. Wall curvature with slightly larger radius, vertical StiFlex members were placed at calculated distance/span so that straight horizontal member could be installed and remained within the wall alignment.

Architect RSP Architects Planners & Engineers
Structural Consultant
Main-contractor Kajima Overseas Asia
Wall parameters with StiFlex modular solution Values
Wall types Brick wall
Height Various: 4m to 8m
Fire rating Various: up to 2hours


  • Easy ordering
  • Rapid installation
  • Adjustable lengths & positions
  • Tested & Assessed for fire resistance & rating
  • Superior to conventional for sound insulation

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