One of the earlier projects with this builder. Replacement stiffener system to original reinforced concrete stiffeners must provide competitive rates with an efficient system to increase site productivity. StiFlex modular and integrable features were able to provide solutions to various wall layout and design. Some designs include curved walls where StiFlex vertical stiffeners were placed at calculated distance, segmentizing the horizontal stiffeners to enable straight alignment within the thickness of the walls at the same time maintaining the curvature. On external walls, StiFlex downhang with vertically suspended supports for lintels were used for long span of windows with aluminium louvre. Fire resistance and sound insulation were standard requirments to be complied for walls and stiffeners.

Architect P&T Consultants
Structural Consultant
Main-contractor China Construction (Singapore)
Wall parameters with StiFlex modular solution Values
Wall types Brick wall and precast panel wall
Height Various: 4.7m to 7m
Fire rating Various: up to 2hours


  • Easy ordering  
  • Minimized administration
  • Rapid installation
  • Adjustable lengths & positions
  • Tested & Assessed for fire resistance & rating
  • Superior to conventional for sound insulation

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