StiFlex is a modular system of steel profiles, connectors, brackets and wall ties.  The system is designed to allow the construction of high and long spanning walls without increasing their thickness, or even reducing it. ​

​It is designed to stiffen and strengthen both internal and external walls of masonry materials such as lightweight concrete, cement or clay in any form, whether brick, block or panel, gypsum blocks, including dry walls with gypsum or calcium silicate boards. 

StiFlex modular system are structures that supports its self load, wind load, crowd pressure, loads from wall materials and transmit them to the supporting structures of the building.

StiFlex modular system consists of vertical and horizontal members and connectors made from profiled steel using coated thin steel to provide quality characteristics as wall supports.  StiFlex directly replaces traditional cast-in-situ reinforced concrete stiffeners or customized on-site cut and weld to fit steel framework.

Any wall/partition configuration is possible without length and height limits


Lightened system

Manufactured using thinner but stronger steel, being lightweight, thus StiFlex reduces fatigue of installers. The system is designed to allow the construction of high and long spanning walls without increasing their thickness, or even reducing it. This helps to increase floor area and economize building costs due to reduced weight of steel material.

Reduced workforce

Designed for ease of installation, fewer workers are required to fasten our fully modular and adjustable StiFlex system. The system helps in time and money savings, eliminating on-site work like concreting, bar-bending, formwork making, welding, cutting, heavy lifting; resulting in at least 50% cost savings. 

Minimized administration

StiFlex promotes fully efficient product usage, providing clients AutoCAD plotted, quantified with cost per location on spreadsheet.



No site measurements required as our AutoCAD plotted sizes and positions are based on client's drawings, ahead of ordering.

Rapid installation

Quicker fastening with nails to concrete or steel, with StiFlex wall ties and connectors simply slid into positions.

Adjustable lengths and positions

StiFlex system allows up to 250mm or 150mm tolerance and variable positioning against typical site variances or even unforeseen obstacles.


Masonry adaptability

There are many options for masonry and our StiFlex is compatible with all.

Drywall flexibility

Suitable in cases when gypsum board wall construction adjoins masonry wall since StiFlex system allows integration.

Plaster friendly

StiFlex assures with its time proven method statements for plaster and skim coat, using the correct plastering lath and procedure. No special thermal plaster required for StiFlex - Just standard generic plaster!


Designed to meet Relevant Safety Standard

Practicing due diligence, for the interest of all, StiFlex adopts applicable and established standard for safe design.

StiFlex solutions are tested and assessed up to 4 hours (240 min) Fire Resistance Rating

Fire tested according to local/international standards and continually assessed by independent fire consultants. StiFlex meets insulation and integrity obligations for non-loadbearing system and include stability for loadbearing system.

Superior to Conventional for Sound, Thermal & Moisture Insulation

StiFlex, being a direct replacement to conventional concrete stiffeners, was tested and/or assessed and results surpass concrete's.