Application and advantages

  • Sleeve connectors for connection between horizontal and vertical members and between members to supporting structures​
  • Sleeves are designed to slide within members, allowing members to be supplied in predetermined standard lengths​
  • Sliding connectors provide tolerances at site due to construction inaccuracies ​
  • Sliding connectors protect vertical members against axial load from floor deflections ​
  • Allows tolerance up to 250mm​
  • Adjustable connector has end plate with lugs designed to be inserted into matching perforations of the connecting member​
  • Adjustable connector lugs for slot into member allow adjustability of member to suit the required level or position
Wall Thickness (mm) Product Code Size L(mm) Size d(mm) Size w(mm) Size t1(mm) Size t2(mm) Rock/Stone wool infil Price
100 STS100/90(SL500)IF 500 300 90 2.0 2.0 yes by request
100 STS100/90(SL700)IF 700 300 90 2.0 2.0 yes by request
125/150 STS125/100(SL500)IF 500 300 100 2.0 2.0 yes by request
125/150 STS125/100(SL700)IF 700 300 100 2.0 2.0 yes by request

Technical information

Galvanized Steel: EN10025 S275JR (Z27)  /  JIS G3302 SGHC (Z27) 
Rock/Stone wool infil yes, acc. to specification