CB brackets

Application and advantages

  • Loadbearing bracket for connection between loadbearing horizontal stiffener member to vertical stiffener member and between loadbearing horizontal member to steel column and reinforced concrete column​
  • Designed to support horizontal and vertical loads​
  • Base of horizontal legs of bracket consist of double material thickness for enhanced capacity​
  • Bracket provided with different holes size and positions for fastening of either self-drilling screws or anchors to transfer load to vertical stiffener member or column​
  • Bracket use with self-drilling screws for connection to vertical member ​
  • Bracket use with anchors for connection to steel column and reinforced concrete column ​
  • Bracket with holes at base of horizontal legs for fastening of self-drilling screws to support and transfer horizontal loads to loadbearing horizontal stiffener member​
  • Allows tolerance up to maximum 10mm for each side of bracket
Product Code Size L1(mm) Size L2(mm) Size w(mm) Size t(mm) Price
CB75/90 179 50 75 2.5 by request
CB75/150 239 50 75 2.5 by request
CB100/100 189 50 100 2.5 by request
CB100/150 239 50 100 2.5 by request
CB175/150 239 50 175 2.5 by request

Technical information

Galvanized Steel: EN10025 S275JR (Z27) / JIS G3302 SGHC (Z27)