Application and advantages

  • Wall ties / masonry ties connect masonry walls to stiffener members and to supporting structures​
  • To transfer horizontal loads or other applied loads from walls to stiffeners, steel columns and reinforced concrete columns​
  • Perforations on horizontal leg of tie increase friction and contact area when firmly embedded within masonry mortar joint​
  • Suitable for walls constructed from AAC/ALC blocks and panels, concrete panels, gypsum blocks ​
  • 2 types of vertical legs; flat vertical leg for fastening to steel and reinforced concrete columns using anchors and vertical leg with lugs for slot in to matching perforations of the stiffener member ​
  • Ties with lugs that are slot in to the perforations of member allow full adjustability vertically to suit the masonry joint position for various height of masonry

Technical information

Galvanized Steel: EN10025 S275JR (Z27) / JIS G3302 SGHC (Z27)