Metal lath

StiFlex™ Lath is generally used to provide bonding and reinforcement in plastering of StiFlex™ steel profiles. When used correctly, it assists in the control of plaster cracks resulting from shrinkage movements and thermal effects typically associated with wall materials.
It is recommended that the girth of StiFlex™ Lath be applied overlapping into adjoining wall material/substrate by at least 50mm. Depending on the substrate type, StiFlex™ Lath can conveniently be affixed using nails, staples or simply plaster dabs, prior to plastering.

Manufactured in accordance to the guidelines of BS EN 13658-1 & 2 : 2005 for plaster & render lath, StiFlex™ Lath complies to the specifications for material type, material thickness and mesh apertures etc. required for in its production, a slit and stretch process.
Within the said guidelines, the required corrosion resistant galvanized steel complying with BS EN 10346 : 2015 (or BS EN 10088 for stainless steel), is used to expand the steel into applicable mesh apertures, forming the compliant StiFlex™ Lath.